Question ASRock RX 5600 XT Phantom Gaming D3 - GPU Clock and Power fluctuations?

Sep 2, 2020
So after a lot of troubleshooting with my card - drivers,crashes etc ... i think i finally fixed the BSOD's green screens crashes,driver timeout crashes.... but now i noticed that when im playing games the clock and Wattage is fluctuating.

Like it hits 1750 MHz and then after 3 seconds drops to 1220 MHz or something when moving in the game ( AC Odyssey ).
The power also fluctuates with the Clock like when it drops down the power drops too like from 120W to 70W then to 50W and the goes up again ..... is it wrong readings,or my PSU is not enough for the card ?

The PSU is - Seasonic 500W Gold 80+ Core GM.
The card was fluctuating with the old bios but last night i flashed it to the latest Bios with 14Gbps update and it fluctuates again ....
I flashed the Mobo too to the latest - ASRock Gaming K4 B450 Fatality.

Is the problem from the PSU ? - everything is brand new like 4 months old - had Gigabyte 1660 Super on that PC but changed it for RX5600 XT

Is that a normal behaviour from that architecture 7nm or whatever or its the PSU ?

I would appreciate every help ...

The max power draw i've seen from the card was 120W and it drops again to 90W then up again ....