Question ASRock Taichi RX 6800 XT Black Screen and No Signal Error [GPU or PSU Problem?]

Dec 10, 2022
Hello people, since one months ago, I've been having a problem and I don't know whether it's a gpu or psu problem. I randomly encounter black screen and no signal error regardless of playing games or surfing through the internet and etc. The pc still runs when I'm having the issue, I can hear my friends on discord or videos from youtube and etc.

Whenever I restart the pc after I encounter this problem, the VGA led on the motherboard lights red and therefore, I won't be able to boot the pc. To overcome this issue, I basically unplug and re-plug one of the pci-e power connectors that goes to the graphics card.

Whenever I reboot the pc after doing this unplugging and re-plugging pci-e cable solution, I see that in the device manager my graphics card is shown as "disabled". I try enabling the graphics card but I get a driver error from amd software. Despite getting this driver error, I restart the pc and this time pc runs fine until I encounter the same problem of getting black screen and no signal again. I have to do all the work again to be able to use the pc again :/

I have Cooler Master MWE 700W Bronze V2 230V as a power supply unit. From some forums I saw that people advise not to plug the pig-tailed (I hope that's the correct term for it :d) pci-e power cable to the graphics card but I don't have any other option rather than plugging both the normal and pig-tailed cable because the psu I'm currently using have 2 pci-e cables that have additional pig-tailed pci-e 8 pin cable for each of them, making a total of 4 pci-e 8 pin cables.

To make it more clear, I've added an image.

Things I tried:
Updating gpu driver,
Updating the bios to the latest version,
Disabling zero rpm function on amd software
Undervolting through amd software
Increasing the power limit through amd software
Switching to win10 from win11
Switching pci-e gen switch from auto to gen3

What would be my problem? I think it's a psu related issue but I don't want to spend money on a psu without being "almost" certain about that the psu is causing the problem :d
I'm thinking about buying a 750w gold certified psu. I would have wanted to buy a more powerful psu with higher wattage but in Turkey the prices are very high, unfortunately.

My Specs:
Motherboard: MSI B350M Mortar (Latest BIOS)
RAM: GSkill FlareX 2x8 DDR4 16GB
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600
GPU: AMD ASRock Taichi RX 6800 XT
PSU: Cooler Master MWE 700W Bronze v2 230v