Question Asrock Taichi X570 A2 Error Message

Jan 27, 2021
asrock Taichi x570 Ryzen 3900x

I built this computer about a month ago and everything was working well. Today when I boot it on it get stuck on the motherboard splash screen with the error A2. Is there a way to get it to get past that screen?

If not

I tried to do a clean install of Windows but the motherboard doesn’t detect the boot SSD drive anymore. It detects two other HDD drives I have. I use the same sata ports to test all the drives and the SSD doesn’t show. I tried to use a different SSD to test but it gets hung up on the Motherboard splash screen with the error code A2.
Is there some drive I’m supposed to install to make it detect the SSD drive? It didn’t have any problems when I first got it and installed it the first time.