ASRock Unveils Non-Z170 Motherboards Designed To Overclock

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I thought they should have added an M.2 as well. I think that it is an issue with the chipset they are using, working on getting answers to that.

For the availability, they didn't have anything definite. ASRock said they should be out soon, but we didn't have anything more solid. I will update this article when they are available.
"ASRock didn't say what these motherboards would cost, but a company representative mentioned that they should be less expensive than low-end Z170 motherboards."

That is good, because I was afraid they would price these too high and make them practically pointless to buy.


i love my xeon e3 1270 over my 3770k and it is sandy bridge. I will sell my 3770k and get another xeon. 30 days 24/7 no ECC over 3tb of data not a single issue at all. i never get an i5 and i7 again.


Its good to see that the enthusiast feature sets are getting a trickled down approach towards the audience that have a limited budget but a drive to squeeze that last bit of performance out of their investments.

Note: although note stated in teh article or the specs table - the pictures show that the E3V5 flavor has an M.2 socket between the PCIe slots though will that translate to limited lanes/bandwidth?
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