ASRock X299E-ITX/ac Skylake-X Motherboard Review

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Oct 22, 2016
Well guys, if you want to save space you have to accept the 20-30% premium even for much popular chipsets. They kept the price inside this limits and deserve a good word for that. I myself just moved to Coffee-lake and I would not consider this board for the moment, but who knows ...


Nov 30, 2015
[quotemsg=20428533,0,120151]400$ is way too expensive[/quotemsg]

Please remember that this is a HEDT MB so it can't come cheap.

AsRock has the nicest mITX portfolio which not only covers almost all the new chipsets but also ticks all the feature boxes !

All the other mITX MB lack one (or even more) of these features: TB 3.0 (on Intel platforms ofc), Bluetooth, WiFi, ALC 1220 sound (for the Z270 chipset for example AsRock's mITX Gaming/ac was the only one, all the other MBs were using the 'older' 1150 or even older than that), HDMI 2.0 (where applicable) etc.

I personally bought the Z270 one after Thomas' review and although it was the most expensive mITX it also was a no brainer buy !

You (and others) said it's expensive because you have only thought price without thinking value. These mITX boards do excellent living room passively cooled machines far cheaper and more flexible than any of the shelf network streamer I know. Think about using an ATX or even a micro ATX behemoth instead (and yet you won't find many passively cooled cases for that sizes).



If anything this is new form of bragging rights for ASRock since the X299 platform aids those with bigger ambitions and cramming so much onto a small real estate is in itself a marvel to behold. Bravo, ASRock for pulling this off though if only their other itx boards for the mainstream platform were this praiseworthy...:'(
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