ASRock X299M Extreme4: Micro ATX Sweet Spot

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Jun 29, 2018
Hints for Asrock :

When you make Micro ATX Motherboard for a CPU that has alot of lanes , make sure you add all 4 slots , and not only 3 . and make sure all four are connected to the lanes , while the chipset lanes are connected to the M2 cards . no need to waste CPU Lanes we have 44 lanes possible here .

I Agree you mite say , the GPU will take two slots and thats why only three slots because it will be covered anyways ... But you are mistaken here ...

we can use the LAST slot to the edge for the GPU card and use with it a 5 slots Micro ATX case . in this way , behind it all 3 Slots will be usable.

OR , when we use Water cooling blocks , then the dual slot GPU card will turn into single slot and we CAN add 2 Cards in 2 slots next to each others.

Now since we have 44/28 Lanes CPUs , then the Mother board slots should be configurable from Bios ,

1- Mode one 44 Lanes CPU:

Slot 1 : X8
Slot 2 : X16
Slot 3 : X4
Slot 4 Edge of motherboard : X16

Total : 44 lanes .

Make sure that the Slot on The edge is allways x16 .. so in case we have one card only we dont lose Slots by Covering. OR in case we use 2 GPU , then we still have Extra X8 Slot Available . only the X4 will be covered (if we dont use water cooling)

and in case only one GPU is used , the Last Slot can be used in one slot only.

2- Mode 2 (28 lanes CPU) :

1- Slot 1 X8
2- Slot 2 0 / X8
3- Slot 3 X4
4- Slot 4 X16 / X8

Total : 28 Lanes

Please dont waste lanes on MATX Motherboard.

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