Question Asrock x470 taichi overheating and ram speed

Sep 15, 2022
hi, i am upgrading my z270 tomahawk artic-i5 7500 to a used x470 taichi with a 2600x, and i read that it has some cooling problems online and was wondering if i could go with the stock cooler or buy an IO.
Also i didn't quite understand the ram speed OC on the board, and I'm confused on whether it supports 3400mhz ram with every CPU or only if using a ryzen 2000 series processor.
thank you for your help :)


When you compare the 2000 series Ryzen processors with what's on offer today(7000 series) then they actually run cooler. You should be fine with the stock cooler or an entry level air cooler like the Vetroo V5 or maybe a Noctua NH-U9S cooler/Be Quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2 cooler if you're worried about noise.

Are you referring to this? If so, then ASRock have been known to have some spotty support, much like MSI. ASRock tend to have a long line of BIOS updates, which would mean one of two/three things;
a| the board they released has too many faults that need addressing
b| they have a swell dev team that keep ontop of the issue
or both, though I doubt they have a dev team constantly working on a board's issues long after release.

For that platform, the highest you can go with the latest BIOS version/update would be DDR4-3200MHz. If you were on a Ryzen 5000 series + X570 chipset, you'd be able to get to DDR4-3600MHz, provided your ram kit can go there.
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