Question ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 no post / stuck on boot LED


Sep 10, 2014
Hi, I have read other forums, threads, and posts with problems that are similar to my issue here.

I just built a new PC:
R9 3900X
X570 Phantom Gaming 4
2x8GB Crucial DDR4 3200MHz
GTX 1080Ti SC 11GB
650W EVGA Power Supply

First boot gave me access to bios, did a few configurations regarding boot priorities for my HDD/SSD; I have OC my cpu to 4.6 with a 1.25V configuration, then save & exit program. My guess were on the CPU OC that gave me infinite loop of no post/display boot. At power on, CPU and DRAM LEDs are lit up, then goes into boot LED and stays lit for as long as I don't turn it off. I have reseated my GPU and removed my HDD/SSD except my OS SSD. I have no yet reseated my RAM sticks nor use a 1 stick set up. I also removed the CMOS battery with the cable unplugged and held the power button for more than 30+ seconds. All parts turn on as expected, but stuck on boot light and no post. Keyboard doesn't light up so that gives me an indication I cannot proceed nor see a post.

I'm fairly new at this, but I had never seen anything like this issue before. Any suggestions or help are appreciated. Thank you.