Review ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 Review: Full-Featured, Compact


Mar 25, 2010
ASRock's Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 includes a robust 10 Phase VRM, 7.1 channel Realtek ALC 1220 audio, integrated Wi-Fi 6 abilities, and one of the highest memory speed support listings we’ve seen, at DDR4 4533+(OC).

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Is it not possible at all to have a Gen 4 m.2 (specifically the Aorus) at the rear, even in a sandwich style case like the Ghost S1 by Louqe? I was so set on getting the ASRock board specifically because it has more 4-pin fan connectors which I'll need with an AIO and extra fan. Now I'm not so sure anymore whether that is the right board since I already have the Aorus NVMe Gen4 SSD. What to do? Wait for the Strix? Any word on when that is coming out?
Aug 3, 2020
Been very disappointed in the quality of the review here lately.
No information here that is not given on the manufacturer website. This review is a particular disappointment. A nearly unique and different motherboard and your author IGNORES ALL THE UNIQUE FEATURES. If you cannot at least cover these features then you are not qualified to review it. Product differentiation is a critical part of EVERY review.

Multiple times throughout this "review" the Displayport on the rear IO shield is referred to as an OUTPUT, when it is clearly labeled in YOUR PICTURES AS AN INPUT!

I, like many other readers, read your reviews because I can't try this out before I buy it. I expect you to actually use these products when reviewing them. Especially products with UNIQUE features such as this. Thunderbold functionality wan't even tested as far as I could tell. This motherboard, to my knowledge, is designed to be able to connect to a display via the USB-C via DISPLAYPORT protocol. ALSO as far as i can tell the DISPLAYPORT on the back of this motherboard is designed to pass a displayport signal from a dedicated GPU INTO the motherboard and out of the USB-C TB3 port on the back!

This is the ONLY AMD motherboard where this could be done, and one of the only ITX motherboards with this functionality.

Asrock doesn't document anything well at all, so we as readers depend on YOU to do a better job of covering these products.

Mr. Joe Shields I understand you have a thankless job, but this really should have been tested.