Asrock Z370 Killer Sli onboard sound causing static noise

Dec 10, 2018
I just built a new computer with a Asrock Z370 Killer Sli/AC. I have been using TurtleBeach X12 USB powered gaming headset since my last build and had no issues with Asrocks Onboard sound. My last build was with the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77. I really like USB headsets since they have high volume with amplifier.

Now i am getting constant irritating static/hissing noises coming through headset with my new rig especially when I move the mouse. I have tried reinstalling realtek audio drivers , changing USB ports and connecting the headset to the front panel audio and USB port with no luck. This is very annoying and can't listen to music/video or play games now without hearing static. Is there anything else i can do to try and fix this? Is this a common issue with current Asrock boards? Everything else seems fine so i don't want to deal with the hassle of RMA. Also when I plug in two non-USB powered stereo speakers into the onboard sound I do not get static/hissing sounds.

If I can't what headsets would you recommend to replace it? Are there non-USB headsets with sound amplifiers that aren't too expensive? I just bought this headset hoping I won't have the same issue but a little afluttered since it has a USB DAC you have to attach headset to.

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