Question ASROCK Z370 m-ITS - SATA drives keep disappearing in BIOS... replaced everything but the motherboard


Jun 13, 2015
So the culprit is probably pretty obvious but before I go to the pain in the ass step of replacing the damn motherboard, I wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions. I have 3 SATA drives in my system. 1 SSD, 1 standard mechanical drive, and a blu-ray drive. Recently I did some cleaning and move a few plugs around. When I booted back up, the bios told me my drive had no bootable material and to replace it with something bootable, blah blah blah. Checked all cables and they were fine. Unplugged, replugged one by one, moved the plugs around, changed power supply cables, nothing. All I did get was the drive would intermittently come back sometimes. I thought it was a faulty power supply so I got a new one and the same issue keeps coming up. I've plugged my SSD boot drive into other computers and it seems to read fine. The computer at issue will still boot from the SSD mostly, it's just that it hits patches where it vanishes again. I tried a new SSD and it also randomly will fail to detect.

At this point, the only thing I've not replaced is the motherboard and I just upgraded it last fall so I'd really hate to do so. Any suggestions before going that route?