Question Asrock Z390 Extreme 4 Setup Trouble

Nov 1, 2019
Z390 extreme 4 w/ i5 8400 3.6g 2x16 ram. Setup RAID1 with two Samsung 850EVO 500Gb SATA drives installed in a generic dual tray hot swap enclosure. A lot of trouble getting the volume built and the drivers loaded as I wasn't familiar with the Asrock MB and trouble following the limited instructions. Settings I chose were the Asrock UEFI RAID install as opposed to the Intel option and chose Intel RST. Worked but had some problems. After 3 months I pulled I hard drive and the PC froze and rebooted into bios. RAID configuration disabled and would not reset leaving the volume damaged.

Starting over. Wiped the drives and trying to figure out what went wrong. I reset the BIOS and it went back to 1.8 even tho the website says 4.10 cannot be backed out. Also originally used sata ports 3_2 and 3_3 because they don't have shared lanes. But just found in the manual to install boot SSDs on 3_0. Does that mean 3_0 and 3_1 even tho they share with M2 slot? Should I try to Update BIOS before setting the raid configuration and building the volume. Also any information on loading the drivers would be helpful. Using onboard graphics of the processor and MB.

Thanks for the help!