Question ASRock z390 extreme4 no longer sees m.2 drive


Oct 8, 2018
I was looking to update to windows 11 which required me turning on secure boot.

I went into bios and had to turn on Intel platform trusted technology, turn off compatibility support module, and then i was able to turn on secure boot.

Now my motherboard no longer sees my m.2 drive which has my OS installed. It still see my other drives which one is another m.2

I turned off secure boot and trusted technology, as well as turning back on CSM but the motherboard still isn't seeing my primary m.2 with the OS installed. I believe the m.2 is a Samsung 970 Evo 1tb but would have to open it up to verify.

Any ideas on what I can check with bios settings. It's late and will tackle this in the morning. My next step after any recommendations will be to swap my two m.2 drives to see if they can be view in another's slots.


Retired Mod
What are your full hardware specs?

With CSM disabled and secure boot enabled you will have a full UEFI configuration and probably won't see "a drive" in the list of boot options on an already OS populated drive. You'll likely see "Windows boot manager".

But, in most cases you can't just "turn on" secure boot and use the same installation. Generally you need to do a clean install in order to enable secure boot if it wasn't previously enabled when the existing Windows installation was performed. So you would likely need to disable CSM, enable Secure boot, enable whatever version of Trusted platform module your system has, IF it has it, and THEN perform a clean install of Windows which should allow you to then pick the drive where you want to install it AND if you get to that point you want to be sure it IS the right drive, and that you delete ALL of the existing partitions on that drive including the normally hidden EFI and recovery partitions so long as you don't have a personal partition created for your own reasons. Most people don't do that these days. They just have a drive for the OS and applications and then a separate drive for storing files, games, backups, etc., IF they have a secondary drive. If not, well, all of this is probably pointless anyhow since they're going to lose all that data at some point anyhow if they don't have things backed up to some other location like the cloud or optical disks or external drive.