Question Asrock Z390 Pro4 for 9900k


Oct 1, 2011
I've bought a 9900k cpu along with a Asrock z390 pro4 mobo. Did not have enough budget to go for a better mobo so had to choose it. But I'm seeing not much positive reviews on it, and I'm really worried to boot the 9900k with this mobo. I am planning to setup the pc after I get the noctua cooler, but now I'm thinking if this mobo can actually handle this cpu. I'm not into overclocking and do not plan on doing so at the moment. However, I do mostly play cpu intensive games. So my questions are, should I use this mobo with 9900k? Will it be able to handle the temp of the cpu? Also, I have a 650w power supply. Is it enough? I know the last question does not go with this section, but not trying to make a separate thread just for that.
If you are not overclocking it should be fine. As to the 650w PSU again no problems. Personally if you can return the ASROCK motherboard I would get the Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X even though it is just a little more as it has a better VRM setup in 10+2 Phases especially as you are rocking a 9900K.

But bottom line you should be more than fine so long as you are not overclocking....