Question Asrock z390 rgb lights flashing and no power to system ?

Jan 26, 2023
I shut power off at psu to swap out video cards. When i went to turn system on, the rgb decorative lights were slowly flashing and system will not turn back on. No fans. Nothing. No numbers/codes being displayed on the board. I tried the power button on the board. I swapped out psu's with a good 1000w psu. Before putting everything back together i tried it. Computer turned on. The rgb was still flashing though. I again shut power off at switch. Finished hooking everything back up. And same thing. No power. Rgb flashing. So i started unplugging and tying. Still nothing. Even took board out and remounted. One thing i did notice. While system in plugged in. And rgb is flashing. When i hit the power button. My overhead lights in my room will blink really quick. Almost hardly noticeable. Any thoughts on this? Been racking my brain.

I had a similar issue months back when i shut the power off at psu. It wouldn't turn on. But after doing some of the above steps. I got it working . And no issues until now.