Asrock z68 pro3 gen3 cpu?


Jun 10, 2012
Ive just bought an asrock z68 pro3 gen3 mobo with 16gb of 1600mhz ram with 2x128 samsung 830 raid0, gainward gtx 550 ti gs. shall i buy a i5 2500k or i5 3750k? ive heard that its a bit of a ball ache to update bios for IB. Also will i be able to get 1700mhz on xmp profile?



Not really a pain, but as Asrock's website states, in order to make this board compatible with Intel's 3rd generation, you have to update the BIOS and AXTU, which is Asrock's overclocking utility.

Quote from the website: "To support Intel's 3rd Generation (Ivy Bridge) CPU, corresponding BIOS, drivers and AXTU update are required."

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AXTU can only be accessed through windows.

As well updating the bios is a complete pain on asrock boards. The easiest and pain free method is from windows, believe me if you try from USB you're going to have a bad time.