Question ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard shows zero signs of life - no power, no fans, no lights, not posting

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Jul 15, 2022
My PC was running just fine 2 days ago. I shut down that night - wake up in the morning - and it will not turn on. Did absolutely nothing to it. I attempt to turn it on and it just sits lifeless. No fans turn on or lights. Took it apart and tested the PSU using a jumper wire to the black and green wires and the PSU fan powers on just fine. Removed CMOS battery for 5 min. Still nothing. Removed Heat Sink, cleaned off thermal paste, applied new thermal paste and reseated. Still Nothing. I mean there is seriously zero life on my board. I even completely took it out of the case as someone suggested in the case of a short - still no power. I am at a lost for what to do next please? I even tried removing all but 2 slots of Ram making sure to put them in A1 and B1. But nothing! Please can someone help me with a valid next step?

DJOJ Mommy
Ok so PSU could still be dead - I do have a multimeter. Is there a way for me to fully test it with that? Or would you just go and get a new PSU?
Disconnect PSU from pc completely. Start it and then test all voltages.
It may require a load to power on. Connect some additional fan to a molex connector.

I went out and bought a brand new power supply and hooked it up. Still no power to anything - no fans, lights, nothing. Motherboard is dead isn't it?

You should go through this checklist:
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