Question ASRock Z97 Extreme4 will not power up

Jan 20, 2020
I have an issue that neither the power switch attached to the header or the on board power switch will power up the mother board. I pulled the mother board power and jumped the 16-17 PS_ON pins and measured the power from the Antec EA-500 power supply and all the voltages are correct that there.

I contacted ASRock and used their trouble shooting suggestions and still nothing lights and the fans do no come on.

After I got a response from ASRock that I needed to replace the motherboard I went through their steps again with the power plug pings 16-17 jumped and was able to get the 3-beeps with nothing connected but power and the memory removed. I installed the memory and tried that as well and got to CMOS. So I went ahead and reconnected everything, all the drives and the system powered up and booted Windows.

My question is as follows: Is this a problem with the power switch on the motherboard or is it more likely and issue with the power supply not processing the power switch polling? I am leaning toward the power supply being the issue but wanted to find out if anyone can explain to me the power on process through the motherboard.