Question Assassin creed II 2 and brotherhood

Sep 19, 2020
I have acer aspire 5
i7 10gen
nvid mx 250

Everthing fine even with high graphic setting on battery (no charging)
Until I play while charging the laptop.Encounter lags several time.
I am sure the battery is pulling back the performance.
Pretty common really. Laptops are best gamed on while plugged in without charging. One thing you might consider is getting a separate charger that is suitable for charging the battery. In fact you could probably just get by with getting a spare adapter for the model of battery you have and use that. Just take the battery out and charge it with one, and run the laptop on the other. That way you can use separate outlets and not have it affect your gaming. Note first you have to make sure your adapter plugs directly into the battery. The thing is though, you'd also have to have another power port on the laptop to run it straight off the adapter when the battery is out, and that's the part I'm not sure about. Like I said, a power bank/charger is another option, but more expensive.
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