Assassins creed 3 controls


May 3, 2012
i am about to pre-order assassins creed 3 for PC, but a freind told me that it wasn't mouse and keyboard. could someone tell me whether it is or not? :pfff:
All of them play fine on keyboard and mouse - tends to take a few minutes to get used to and then becomes pretty much instinct. I think most of the running, climbing, freerunning etc you just hold down right mouse and spacebar as you move forward, something like that, and all the jumps, grabs etc are done automatically.


Jul 30, 2012
Yep Keyboard and Mouse work fine.
Your friend was probably had just seen someone use a Xbox 360 controller for the game. and therefore keyboard and mouse.
Yeah the 360 gamers always say the controller is best (though how many people have tried hooking up a mouse and keyboard to a 360 to play it?). Ubisoft did actually say with this one that their top priority is controller, even on the PC version. Controller was said to be best with all the previous games in the series though and I always got by no problem at all with keyboard and mouse.

When I played Brotherhood actually, I remembered the controls straight off from AC2 and was using them almost instinctively, despite the fact that a long time had passed since playing the AC2. With any kind of controls for these games there will be a little bit of a learning curve initially, but then it becomes second nature. Can't wait to play it personally but my graphics card just died so I'm sticking with an old 4870 (probably won't be up to running AC3 on high) until the GTX700 series launches :-(


Nov 8, 2012
It is going to work for mouse and keyboard for sure; Ubisoft usually does really good console to PC ports so there's nothing to worry about. They provide a lot of customization options for your keybindings, even allowing you to use your side mouse buttons should you have them. Definitely prefer mouse and keyboard to a gamepad, although a gamepad works just fine should you prefer that.