Assassin's Creed 3 Thoughts?


Aug 17, 2012
I'm about to get AC3 on PC

Please tell me your thoughts on it and what platform you are playing it on. (PC,360,PS3)

Did they improve a lot from revelations? Is there still buggy graphics, FPS dips, V sync problems?

Have they improved the combat system?

Platform: PS3

Movement and combat has been much/greatly improved IMO. A few minor glitches that don't really ruin the game. I'm noticing some input lag especially during the faster quick time events. Maps can now be purchased for just about anything in case you get tired of searching for stuff. The naval missions add some new fun. You can now launch assassin missions from anywhere. You no longer need to return to base or find a pigeon coop. You can now fast travel from the map. No need to run to a underground entrance first once it's discovered.

Of course this may all be different on the PC.