Question Assistance needed regarding choice of new monitor ?


Apr 4, 2020
Hello. I seriously need help. I am spending a lot of time on pc working, but sometimes i play ( mostly fps games) and for that i need decent monitor. I am placed in high ranks, so consider that I need monitor with advantages.

Budget = 250-350€.

My prefferences:
240hz ( if there is awesome 144hz with decent price, i am considering that too).
24-25 inches
flat (i was using curved 3 years and it is not suitable for me).
(1080p cus pc specs (ryzen 5 3600+rtx 2060), so i can get as much fps as possible).
(games = warzone 2 getting 90-110fps, csgo, valorant (both should be 240fps).

I tried to see every shop possible in my country (located in EU). Also (there is not a lot of monitors due to my preffs).

List of favourites: (specs are mostly same???*, ill write some extras/differences).

240hz: (all ips panels, if not written otherwise)
TUF Gaming VG249QM1A - 240€, overclock to 270hz (240hz base), i will get extra mousepad(LOL), 3 years warranty, fast-IPS (no idea what is that, hah:D)
25" Samsung Odyssey G40B - 235€, only 2years warranty.
25" iiyama G-Master GB2590HSU-B1 - 277€, only 2years warranty, 0,4ms (is it even like real, viewable, big diff?)
24.5" Acer Predator XB253QGX - 318€ - looks not interesting at all now, haha
24" ViewSonic XG2431 - 359€ - 100-115€ more than the first two... 0,5ms, i saw a lot of reviews how amazing this monitor is.

*For now, TUF looks for me as a winner. I am not pro, maybe i have missed something important?
(also personally i dont have experiences with asus brand, but i dont mind that at all)

When it comes to budget, i would like to avoid 350€+, unless there is huge beast monitor.
I could also go for 1080p+144hz monitor if that means i am saving some money.

144hz bright choices: (all ips panels, if not written otherwise)
cheaper ones
23,8" AOC 24G2SPAE/BK - 150€, 165hz, 3y w
23,8" AOC 24G2SU/BK, 172€, va panel, 3y w
23.8" MSI G2412 - 168€, 170hz
23,8" ASUS TUF Gaming VG249Q1A - 174€, 165hz

slightly attacking 200-220€
24.5" Lenovo G25-20 - 192€, tn panel, 165hz
24" ASUS VG249Q - 200€, 144hz, 3y w
24" ViewSonic VA2418-P-MHD - 200€, 165hz, va panel
24" Zowie by BenQ XL2411K - 240€, no freesync, no g-sync, 0,5ms, tn panel

Well, when it comes to choosing, it is mess, i am sorry... So much products out there:))

So the question is:
Is that TUF gaming 270hz for 240€ winner for real? (i need new mousepad, so it will same me 20-40€).
orit is better to choose 144hz which is cheaper (50-75€). I dont need to save money, i am totally fine with my budget.

Dont get me wrong with that "cheaper 144hz" what I mean is... that 144hz is beast and it is amazing product for its price.
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Apr 4, 2020
To cut it down.

Here are my 5 favorites(240hz):

1. 190€ (cheapest, 0.5ms MPTR)

2. 215€ (chepeast, 0.5ms MPTR, looks like it has g-sync comp)

3. 240€ (270hz overclock and g-sync,fast-ips) +free mousepad (saves 15-20€)

4. 278€ (0.4 ms MPTR,fast-ips, ahva-ips)

5. 370€ (0.5ms MPTR, fast-ips a lot of review how good it was)
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