Assistance requested on new card.


Dec 24, 2012
First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc!

My current (ancient) rig
-CPU: AMD Athlon X2 4400+ As close as I can afford to best. Free.
-MOBO: AN8-32X(C51-CK804)
-Memory- 4GB. DDR. Maxed for my MOBO.
-GPU- Palit XNE-8600T-T351-PM8K86. 512MB.
-Power Supply- TR2-550W.

-My situation: I've managed to upgrade my rig about as far as I can afford to upgrade it. She has served me well, but it's time to start saving for a new one. I recently recieved a $50 gift certificate to Newegg and figured "Hey! I can get a dinky new GPU thats should be better than my current one!" as I will be saving for a long time with what I make.

-My problem: Thanks to the power of Google and youtube I've managed to upgrade all other bits of my comp to what it is now. But, for some reason, I cannot wrap my brain around GPU specs despite digging around the internet for 3 hours. I managed to find a "viable" canidate here:

I keep second guessing myself and looking for something "better". I was wondering if someone with better knowledge of GPU's could point me at something appropriate for $50 or under on newegg.

Thank you,