Assumed hindrance in performance from HDD


Jun 9, 2017
Hello Tom's. It's been a while since I've been on here and I've had a floating question that I've waited literally years to get answered.

For my first ever build, I went with a basic econ setup. Haswell i3 w/ R9 280x paired with 8 gigs DDR3 ram. Base setup of a 2 storage drives, smaller end 120 GB SSD meant for OS and 2 TB Seagate HDD made for, well, everything else.

Referencing the title, by performance loss I'm strictly pointing towards my GTA V performance.The only game with low-high/ultra settings @ 1080p that simply will not work. It's the worst example I have, but there are others that I will point to later.

Over time I have upgraded the parts surrounding these two drives. My first upgrade was from a i3 Haswell (I want to say 4150 but unsure?) to an i5 4670k. A sure fire way of ridding of most of the CPU bound issues I was having at the time. And yet still, no dice. GTA V would still simply not run and other performance issues that I was sure would be taken care of with the upgrade still existed.

The next upgrade in the timeline was the GPU. Going from the R9 280x to a GTX 1060 (6gb variant.) Performance increase was apparent in most games. Yet GTA V still stood as the pain in the ass it always has been.

I proceeded with the upgrades until my current setup. From Haswell to Kaby Lake (i7 7700) w/ RTX 2070 w/ 16gb DDR4 @ 2400 mhz. No upgrades or changes in storage. And yet even still, the issue remains.

Other games where the issue shows itself is in Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 1. Just not as severe. Black Ops 4 has issue maintaining consistent FPS and no matter what I turn off or on will not stabilize FPS. Ultra settings @ 1080 on current setup dips hard below 30fps and max 50fps. The same exact issue with GTA V but less sporadic in FPS than GTA. Battlefield 1 only showed minor hitching when trying to test the power of the 2070. 4k ultra ran @ around 55 fps, but would catch hard sometimes and dip to the 20s and spike back up to normal.

Long story short (tl;dr) I have upgraded every single product surrounding the two original drives I started with and my performance still does not reach levels it rightfully should, with hitches and performance loss worse in some games than others. My assumption is that a replacement of my 2TB will fix the issue, even if its showing me clean/healthy marks on CrystalDiskInfo (yes, I've gone and done that. Examined raw values etc etc.) but I cannot know for sure.

What do you guys think? What should I check? How should I proceed?

Sorry for longer post btw. As said, its something that has weighed on me for a little while so had to be in depth.


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