Question Asus 2080 super dual

Feb 25, 2020
Weird problem guys,
My graphics card sometimes works sometimes doesn’t.
For example if I install windows it works boot screen - windows - 1st restart than no display. VGA light of mobo is solid red.
Restart myself no display at all
Restart 2nd time or 3rd time windows installs.
Running pc for the first time no problem, install graphics card driver perfect, as soon as it needs to restart(with some gigabytes updates/apps) same problem. Need to restart pc a couple of times to get it working again.
Every time there is no display, vga light on mobo is solid red.
Below are my specs if anyone can tell what’s wrong, all parts were bought dec last year so problably all under warranty.

cpu Ryzen 9 3900x
Ram g.skill 8x2 gb 3600mhz
Mobo Aorus pro wifi
Ssd Aorus 500gb nvme gen 4
Gpu asus 2080super dual
Cooling system custom loop with ek cpu and gpu block
Psu cooler master 650 bronze
Case coolermaster mb520
update the BIOS
reset the BIOS by jumper after that

in which slot is the 2080 installed? Use the upper PCIe slot
The PSU is fully connected to the motherboard and graphics card?
Are you using any adapters between PSU and GPU?

try with a different PSU
Feb 25, 2020
How do u do a jumper reset
Bios is latest F11
Psu - gpu is a provided pcie cable with 6+6+2 power pin
Psu-mobo is 24 pin + 8 pin on ATX12v
Do I really need to replace psu?