ASUS 6850 Crossfired on MSI 890GXM-G65 Fitment


Aug 22, 2011
Has anyone crossfired x2 6850's on this motherboard? The PCIE slots are kinda close together and i was wondering if its an ok fit. I have x1 ASUS 6850 Card and was wondering if i should get another manufacturer because the ASUS looks kind of bulky for 2 to fit. Planning to buy another one in a few weeks and also what wattage would you recommend for slightly overclocking a 6850 in crossfire? I was planning on buying 750w Zephyr. Thanks for your help!


that board has ample spacing for a second 6850, the best way to check is to put your card in the first slot and see if the seocnd PCI-E slot is covered, and why that PSU its a HEC branded PSU the reviews for that PSU indicate noise/random shutdowns/high ripple on the 5V rail etc.