May 15, 2020
So i have an asus tuf a15 gaming laptop, used to work perfectly fine and was able to play the games i wanted, recently i tried to uninstall a game but ended up wiping my whole C drive some how (yes im retarded). With a bit of help from my friends i was able to get it up and running again but it was blue screening way too much with page found in non paged area and i tried to fix it by reinstalling a fresh copy of windows and reinstalled all my drivers but it still blue screened every now and then even when im no playing a game. It also used to randomly stop my keyboard from working when on the log in page and my display wouldnt turn on. This morning i turned the laptop on and the display is completely black and wont turn on, i tried hard resetting from the battery pack also didnt work. Please give me some help or advice on what i should do