Question asus a43s laptop shuts down occasionally and does not work without charger


Jun 15, 2017
i have this old asus laptop that had a bad charging port so i decided to fix it unstead of paying for a new device. i took it to a maintenance store got the new port working, purchased a new charger and battery, They are all not original but still they are supposed to work. i also got a new fast ram and ssd.

The device is still bad it shuts down after a while of using. powering it on if the charger is not plugged it barely gets to windows logo and shuts down, even if the battery is full. so to make it work i have to plug the charger while the battery is plugged too until its on, then release the charger and its fine for only a while before shutting down again, even keeping the charger pluged it will shutdown.

I thought it might be temperture so i reaplied the thermal paste it helped alot with temps but still the same, i updated the bios, downloaded latest software for the laptop(i dont think i did it well) i did almost everything.

note: i have an asus monitor with a very much more powerful original adapter, i tried it and it did not change anything even without the battery it shuts down.

i think the battery is ok and the charger too. Can this be bad hardware or windows 10 not working with this old peace of [censored] ?

please help i just had it.