Question Asus A53S laptop black screen with cursor still showing ? - tried everything.

Oct 31, 2021
Hi all,
I have an ASUS A53S laptop which will boot up, show ASUS logo, load the log-in screen after a brief dim black screen, type in my password , then ends up going to the dim black screen with just the mouse cursor showing and will not load the display though everything sounds normal.
As I type this it has decided to miraculously work, questions below.

Things I have tried:
  • Unplug everything from all ports - NO
  • Unattached battery and re-attached with and without things in ports- NO
  • Reseat the HDD and RAM- NO
  • Take 1 stick of RAM in the "bottom" slot and vise versa with the other stick- NO
  • Unattached Battery and Long press the power button for 60 seconds- NO
  • Enter BIOS: would result in PC automatically turning off whenever I selected anything or after 20 seconds???- NO
  • looked up why BIOS would do this and nothing was found
  • Found out that CTRL+ALT+Delete would still allow the screen to chose different options such as Task Manager- Task manager does not show. -NO
  • Shift clicked on power in CTRL+ALT+Delete menu and selected restart- took forever, computer immediately shut itself off upon reboot- WORKED?.... when turning the computer on after waiting a minute in frustration it decided to boot up normally this time with the display.
Laptop then asked me to restart after waiting a good 10 minutes and it's currently scanning & repairing the C drive.

Can anybody explain why the last thing I did worked? Will this problem probably re-occur?
I am not against purchasing a new hard drive if this is the main issue.

Thanks in advanced for any insight!