ASUS A7N8X-LA MOBO rejected


Nov 12, 2011
I have an HP Pavilion 735N that I loaded up for my son to use and lightning fried the mobo. Got a replacement and now the message I get when I try to load the system is that the CD's are not for use with the PC that I am trying to load it on. What's the deal? Same PC as before just a new mobo. Is there a setting or change to make to the board that will set it up to be recognized as the HP 735N it is supposed to be. Any words of wisdom out there? Cannot get the Realtek 8201BL LAN port operational wthout the CD's driver since I cannot find a driver on HP's site. Also has a card reader for camera cards that is not found. Will resetting the CMOS help? I'm at a loss here and would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
SLP on the Window kicks in.

The ASUS mobo, you bought the retail version, not the OEM HP version right?

You need an OEM replacement mobo from HP for the SLP OEM Window to work.

Or else, buy a new Window to install on that retail board.