ASUS A7V333 Upgrade problems


Jul 21, 2001
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My mobo is ASUS A7V333 Socket A + Via KT333 chipset which should take up to
3Gb 333MHz DDR ram.
I had 1.25Gb ram and an ATHLON XP2000+ processor which apparently was
operating with FSB of 266MHz (not sure) and clock speed of 1.67GHz (true), I
had a GForce 4600Ti graphics card with 128Mb on board. I wanted to improve
performance for gaming and video processing. My local upgrade shop said they
put in a SEMPRON 3000+ and upated the BIOS to revision 1017 but they said the
set up would not take any more RAM (I asked for the 256 (266MHz) chip to be
removed and a 1Gb chip to be added to the 2x512 already installed. The system
is now at a clock speed of 1999MHz with only now 1Gb of ram - no idea if the
FSB is 333MHZ or 266MHz.
They installed an ASUS V9570TD - FX5700 graphics card with 256Mb on board,
this works fine. My question is why they could not fit the 2Gb ram and how do
I check my actual FSB speed? When I check the config it says the processor is
AMD ATHLON XP Version x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0.
I've seen some first class responses on this forum, hope you can help me
too. Thanks.