Asus a8n sli-deluxe setup will not boot

Hunt Gath

Jan 6, 2012
CPU = ( AMD 64 bit )
MOTHERBOARD = (Asus a8n SLI Deluxe)
RAM = (1 gb)
OS = none at the moment, trying for windows 7 home edition
POWER SUPPLY = (nzxt. silentpro atx 2.0 pp500)
VIDEO CARD = (EVGA geforce 7600 gt)

Greetings and Salutations,

I am an obliviot when it comes to computers. This is how i got here, from there. The chip-set fan on my motherboard (listed above) failed, and the board overheated. I bought a new board from craigslist (the exact same one), and installed it last night. I know the board works because the guy i purchased it from installed it in an old setup, and ran it for me, then pulled it apart, put it in an anti static bag and case, and sold it. After installation of the board, I was able to get into bio's, good sign as before I could not start up at all. I then made sure bios was recognizing my hard drive, processor, etc.. It is. Then I changed my booting options to boot from cd, and put a copy of windows 7 in, and attempted a operating system install. After it installs for about 45 minutes, the computer restarts, and goes through the boot sequence, then gives me a message that reads "windows failed to load because a critical system driver is missing or corrupt". It also says i'm missing a kernal on other start ups. Any help would be greatly appreciated.