Asus A8V-X Motherboard


Dec 13, 2008
i have a asus a8v-x motherboard.
it has jumper free config.

my problem is that i can't manually overclock my cpu with this board?

it has no other options it only has one. i'm not sure if there are any hidden settings. ive been trying to find these options. there are no voltage options etc..

anyone got ideas??
I have several ASUS A8Nsocket 939 MBs. The boards have a nice array of OCing features as well as OC ability. Maybe try asking on the ASUS product page forum about the BIOS functions. BTW, you may have to highlight the value you want to change in BIOS, then press enter and put in the value you want. Or maybe highlight the value and press 'enter' for a menu with value selection..