Question Asus AC58U vs Asus AC53U


Mar 23, 2015
So my ISP provides me 100 mbps speed. I bought the Asus AC58U (4 antennae, 1300mbps), later discoverd that there is a cheaper Asus AC53U with 2 antennae and upto 1200mbps, and has same flash and ram memory and the same amount of MIMO as the 58U, so the only advantage i have is 100mbos more speed in this one which i wont even need. I wanna ask did I waste my money? or does the 58u having two more antennae over 53u give it any advantage?
That is not the most important difference. The 53u only has 10/100 wan and lan ports and the 58u has gigabit. If you had say 300mbps internet your ethernet connected devices could run that fast even if the wifi could not.

It all depends on what your 100mbps ISP speed really is. Because of the overhead a 100mbps ethernet port can only transfer about 94mbps of data. Lately most people get just a little more than the ISP promises so if you get say 105mbps the other router would limit you to under 100mbps.

The number of antenna does not matter really. The 2.4g and 5g radios can share antenna with out issues. The so called speeds on routers are massive marketing deceptions you get only a tiny fraction. In addition the 1300 vs the 1200 depends if your end devices can use the extra feature. The 1300 uses a 2x200 rather than 2x150 data encoding. The 2x200 rate is not part of the official 802.11n standard so many end devices do not support it and run at 2x150 instead.

So in general a 1300 router is a waste of money compared to a 1200 router because the end devices will not use the feature. In addition it does not matter because to get higher speeds you will use the 5g band at the 900 rate so it really doesn't matter what the 2.4g radio is running at. This is part of the marketing deception, adding the 2.4g and 5g radio speeds together when end device can only use one or the other.