Asus AI OCer..Mericle with flaws...


Feb 25, 2004
Well, the Asus AI overclocker actually works verry well, all of the settings that i can crank my comp up to work stably, but the flaw is that it needs to be more fine tuneable. I have a 2.6C and P4C800 del., it can oc at 5%, 10%, 20%, and 30%. But 30 is too high for a stock cooler, and since i dont' know how to proportionally increase the vcore(meaning i'd rather not sit there and guess using diff settings), 20 is a bit too low for me. They need a 25, or better yet, 10 to 30 incrementing in 1% increases. The AI overclocker gets my comp stable at speeds i can't get it to, maybe it compensates for fluxuation in power or something like that, but i just know it does a better job than i can. Does anybody know if there is a custom BIOS with settings like that or if there is a way to change it?

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Mar 19, 2003
my guess is thats cause its running a memory divider...which doesnt always mean the best performance...

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