Asus anti surge triggered


Hi, so after getting my new cpu cooler, i decided to leave prime 95 on over a few hours, so when i got back to my pc, it was sitting at the splash screen frozen, i then proceeded to restart the computer to get the "asus anti surge has been triggered to help protect my system"... so i pressed f1, but that was frozen... so after a few restarts and getting nowhere i removed my graphics card, that got me near windows, but then anti surge once again came up, but i got into setup this time, and disabled it, so after a few mins of no windows explorer, i can now access my files, but it appears my hardrive took a beeping b/c its beeping and spinning up constantly, so...

im wondering if i may have toasted my power supply, and tooken some things down with it

also, my specs are
AMD phenom II x4 840
Retail plus 465W psu (surge protection and the works)
asus m5a88-m mobo
intel SSD 320 series (working fine by the looks of it?)
and a 2GB seagate hardrive which im going to back up ASAP


ok, well ive pinned it down to the power supply, im gonna get a new one as soon as i can

Update: ive found that the 5V and 12V rails are dropping below the tolerable levels, which would explain why my hardrive cant stay spun up, and why my GPU wont boot into windows