Question ASUS Anti-Surge Triggering Inconsistently


May 30, 2013
Hi All,

Hoping you can help a fella out.

I've had my PC for 7 years now, and over the past 6-months or so it's started abruptly shutting down during gaming, but inconsistently with no clear pattern. Upon reboot it tells me that ASUS anti-surge protection was the cause.

First thing was to buy a power surge protected extension cable for the power outlet. At the same time, Google searches suggested a BIOS issue, so I successfully updated my BIOS and that seemed to fix it for around a month or so.

Yet now, low and behold, it's back. Exclusively during gaming and exclusively during specific segments of games (presumably higher power draw or something).

So my question is, why might it have returned? If it was an unstable/dying power supply, then surely the BIOS update/surge protector wouldn't have worked as they temporarily did? At a bit off a loss. Next step is to disable ASUS anti-surge, but I feel like that's the Nuclear option as it runs the risk of frying things if I'm wrong.

Cheers in advance for any replies!


Power issue could be inside the computer: PSU to served components.

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age (7 years ?), condition.

My thought is that the PSU is aging and starting to falter and fail when wattage demands peak.

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Power down, unplug, open the case.

Clean out dust and debris.

Verify by sight and feel that all connectors, cards, RAM, and jumpers are fully and firmly seated into place.

Use a bright flashlight to inspect for signs of damage: bare conductor showing, melted insulation, kinked or pinched wires, discoloration on or around components, blacked or browned components, swollen components, etc..
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