Question Asus B 250 mining expert MB. No display on boot

Nov 12, 2019
Hello everyone
Having trouble getting this MB to display. I have build several mining rigs and this is a first. Here are the specs of the build, followed by what I have tried this far....
It is an Asus b 250 mining expert motherboard
CPU. Intel pentium socket LG 1151
16 GB of corair RAM. 2 slots both filled
New EVGA gold 850+ PSU
New vga CPU and PSU cables
Samsung Evo 500 gb M.2 drive
No data or external SSD
PNY 1070 ti GPU hooked directly into PCI *16 on MB
When starting the MB with power switch everything comes on. PSU fan, CPU fan, GPU and LAN data activity light. The board has no debug light and no beeps to let you know what's going on.
I have checked and re seated the CPU
Double checked all wires are connected firmly and swapped out wires to make sure they were not faulty
Cleared CMOS
Popped battery out and replaced
Swapped out GPU's
Swapped out HDMI cable
Rebooted plugged into GPU rebooted plugged into HDMI on motherboard
All sorts of stuff...