Asus b250 expert mining motherboard


Oct 29, 2017
Hi All,

I have been researching this motherboard "asus b250 expert mining motherboard" for quite some time and since it is quite new it seems there is no consensus yet about it, or even enough knowledge of how to use it. Therefore, I would like to hear from someone who has this MB or has enough knowledge about it:
1) Should I use powered USB risers or non-powered?
From what I read, I understood that this MB has dedicated multi-layer protection system for your GPUs and has 3 dedicated 24 pin to connect 3 PSUs, and voltage stabilizer, among many other things to provide enough power to your GPUs and make it safe not to get them damaged from a faulty PSU or electricity fluctuations. However, every video which I have watched about this MB, they ALL use powered risers, and I don't want to follow the crowd just for the sake of everyone else doing it. As I read through ASUS website, they have specially designed this MB to save you money and hassle on unnecessary and extra cabling effort which can lead to a lot of negative side effects, so why everyone is still using powered USB risers with such MB? If your advice is to STILL use powered USB risers, please DO provide detailed technical explanation why you think that this MB is not going to be able to handle 6 GPUs per unit each running at around 100w (after optimization) totaling not more than 700w at worst case scenario per division on the MB (as we have 3 separate divisions)
2) My second question is that, many people claim that only newbies use this MB and this is absolutely not reliable. Do you think so and why? If your claim is that this MB is going to break down and all my 19 GPUs are going to be offline, then let me ask you a question, how soon do you think this MB wil break down? if we agree that this wont happen more than once a year, then do you still think that few hours down out of 365 days does not justify the savings from this MB? CPU, SSD, RAM, Cabling, space, etc...
3) my last question is, could you please refer me to a video or a guide of how to set up this MB, usually most of the videos start from a ready MB fully stacked and they don't go step by step of how to set up this SPECIFIC MB, I know that there are million videos about similar MBs, but I know that this one is DIFFERENT, and to set it there are few MB specific instructions for this MB in particular

Sorry for the long and many questions, but I have really been searching for answers with no success...

Would very highly appreciate your help and support here...


Dec 18, 2014
You do not have to use powered risers, IF AND ONLY IF, you have proper molex supply to the motherboard for each row of PCI-E.
This motherboard is not popular because dealing with 10+ GPU's per rig is quite the headache. Getting just 12 to operate together is not exactly an easy task, and this motherboard supports what 19? Completely unnecessary.