Question Asus b450-f & Cooler Master ML240r

Nov 11, 2020
I recently swapped my mobo to the b450-f and got the ml240r cooler and wanted to connect the rgb since the cooler is aura compatible. I connected everything as in the manual first and now im able to change the color in the cooler master software. When i change the setting to motherbord in the software the lights on the cooler go out since the controller is not connected to the rgb header on the motherbord but when i connect the controller to the 4 pin header on the motherbord the lights still go out. The cooler also does not show up in aura. Am I doing something wrong? Do i have to change the mode on the controller or is connecting the cooler to my mobo no possible because i only have the 4pin rgb and not 3 pin argb headers?

thanks for helping