Question Asus b450-f gaming MB yellow light error

May 23, 2020
My newly built pc was working fine and then i shut it off and the next day when i tried powering it on, my motherboard displayed a solid yellow led light. I know this is a DRAM error but nothing ive tried involving the ram sticks have worked. However switching off the power supply for a few seconds and then turning it back on solves the issue up until i shut it off again and on the next start up im greeted with the yellow light again. Any solutions boys? Is turning the power supply switch off and on everytime i want to run my pc safe in the long run?

My parts:
amd ryzen 5 3600
evga geforce rtx 2060
asus rog b450-f gaming
teamgroup t-force dark z ddr4 ram (2x8gb)
evga 500w 80+ white