Question asus b450 plus vs b550 plus audio difference?


Nov 15, 2014
on the site it says the b550 has only 7.1 wheras the 450 has 8 channel does this actually matter, i want to use dolby atmos for watching stuff on my pc so would 8 channel be better for that or
That would depend on you amp/speaker set up.
If you are connecting a set of computer speakers to it or listening to a set of "gaming" Headphones the output sound quality will be about the same.
If you are connecting to a premium sound system, Polk. Denon. Yamaha, Infinity etc.... Then a better sound card will make a big difference in sound.
If you are a purist audiophile, No pc audio is good enough.
eh, what would you recommend then ?
I was being sarcastic. I'm not a purist. I just want nice sound and I probably could not tell the difference from either of your choices as either would be nice enough for me. I'm content with a DAC connected via TOS-link. That provides a nice high-impedance output for my headphones along with a volume control knob and bass/treble knobs. I'm old fashioned and prefer knobs to twist for things like that.

Audio purists seem to be a most highly opinionated lot, with likes and dislikes that aren't easy to fathom but do seem to revolve around exotic and very expensive. That makes their club much more exclusive by it's nature. So being content with any on-board audio is not going to be acceptable...well maybe, if it's an extreme high end motherboard with a fully isolated audio section.

In general I think they'd want a separate audio card with a full array of features and outputs that's enclosed in it's own metal covers. That assures clean audio that's fully isolated from the electronicaly noisy computer case interior.
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