Question Asus Bios at every boot request to configure it but saves the last settings

Jan 24, 2022
So I am getting an error that was discussed in this forum sometimes.

Please enter setup to recover BIOS setting.
After setting up Intel(R) Optane Memory or the RAID configuration was built, SATA mode selection must be changed to RAID mode to avoid unknown issues.
Press F1 to Run SETUP

So the first thing I did was to change the CMOS battery but didn't help. I turn off the power to the computer every night, but until I don't do it, I can change operative systems and so on.
At every boot seems like the BIOS settings are reset but is enough that I change anything parameter and save that now works with no troubles. The boot order is saved (the first happened no) and if I press "Last modified" there are the last changes I did in the previous day.

I have a Asus PRIME Z270-A, the bios is updated to the latest 2018 version (when I had this issue I updated from a 2017 version).
I didn't change anything on the hardware but appeared one day, and I am not able to understand what is happening as I don't user RAID on this motherboard.

I tried the wizard in the bios to auto set various values and save, but the issue persist. Everything in the computer from the cd reader, HDD/SSD is working fine.
My guess is that one day the BIOS was reset and there was a parameter that avoid this issue and I am not able to find as there are too many. Also setting the sata mode selection don't remove the error itself.
Another idea is to turn off this error, like if there is a debug mode or something else enabled in that bios.

I am open to any suggestions that isn't chang the motherboard :)
Jan 24, 2022
An update.

As I knew that i was getting a new video card when arrived I removed all the cables and put again in a better way.
On my investigation I saw that the battery had a ceil on a side so it wasn't working...

You can have all the experience of the world but you can do a stupid error like this...
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