Question Asus Bios failure - Only half slots are working.

Feb 25, 2019
Hi there. I own an Asus H-81 gamer.
I decided to update the bios. The update was succesfull (that's what a message was saying). After the restart... I had a black screen.
I disconnected every peripheral from the motherboard.
I removed all the memories from the slots and I did several tests...
First, I downgrade to the original bios version.
The problem remains.
After many hours of testing... the conclusions are...:

If I connect the 4 memories at the slots (A1+A2+B1+B2)... it do restarts every 5 seconds.
If I connect two memories on specific slots (B1+B2), the device starts.
If I connect only one or two Memory cards on the slots (A1 or A2)... then it do these restarts I mentioned before.
Do you have something to suggest me, please?
Upgrading a bios does always provide a certain risk of making the system unusable, so unless there is some hardware that won't fuction with current bios, then it's normally not worth to upgrade. In this case, the result is obvious unsuccessful.

Have you access to the old bios and can revert ?

Does the MB have an extra spare bios chip ?
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Feb 25, 2019
Hi there.
First of all, I would like to thank you for your time on answering.

Yes, I instal the old bios firmware, but nothing happened.
I am not sure if the motherboard has this extra spare bios chip.
I don't know how to figure this out.

Here is the official site of the motherboard. I would appreciate if you have the experience to answer on that question, for the extra spare bios chip.

Asus site - Motherboard H81gamer
Have a look at this statement from asus webpage:
CrashFree BIOS 3
Never again worry about corrupted a BIOS, as CrashFree BIOS 3 lets you restore a PC to working order — even when it won't boot!
So I guess you just need to read the user manual in order to figure out the steps to revert the bios to it's former state.