asus boards difference p5k deluxe and p5k e


Mar 21, 2007
looking to buy the p5k deluxe and the shop is out of the deluxe board but has the E board.
Can't seem to find info on the difference. Please help.
P5K-E (the WIFI )version is exactly like the P5K-DELUXE with these 2 very minimal differences:

1_The deluxe version has 1 more gigabit lan
2_The deluxe version has one more copper

but if u mean the normal P5K-E ,then it doesnt have the cooling that
P5K DELUXE or P5K-E WIFI have( The WIFI and Deluxe one has better cooling )
So if u want to OC ,then get P5K-E WIFI
if u dont want to OC , then go for P5K-E