Question Asus Cm6870 won’t recognize boot device

Dec 16, 2019
Can anyone help me with a very frustrating event I'm experiencing?

My ASUS CM6870 (i5, 16gb RAM, GTX670 GPU) won't boot at all, keeps giving me an error that it can't find boot device.

"Reboot and select Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device and press a key"

\- This happened after a windows update. I couldn't figure out what the issue could be so I took the SSD out and put it in an external case to see if it was ok, which it was, so I backed up the files I needed.
\- Then performed a fresh install on the SSD, and same issue.
\- Wiped the SSD and did install again, same issue.
\- Used a brand new hdd, newly downloaded the windows 10 install, same issue.

One thing to note is that it does see that the HDD or SSD is there and when I try to reinstall Windows 10 onto it, it does tell me that an older version of Windows 10 is on the disk.
The install performs fine, it seems.

The only new thing to the system is 2x 4k monitors I purchased during Black Friday but the monitors worked fine for a week.

Any help?



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