Question Asus Crosshair VII Hero header issue?


Aug 8, 2017

I recently swapped out the fans in my case for those that feature RGB Lighting. I have:

  • Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero x570 (w/ Ryzen 5900x) (Amazon ) - It has 2 RGB Headers for both types (5/12V)
  • NZXT Z730 360 mm AIO (Amazon)
  • 6 Coolermaster Fans: 3 Master Fan MF120s (Amazon) and 3 Coolermaster Masterfan MF140s (Amazon ).
  • Coolermaster Masterfan ARGB/PMW Hub (Amazon )
So, the problem: I actually had 4 140 mm fans, with 1 of them connected separately, directly to the MOBO. The other 3 - 140s were connected to the HUB and the 120s had the RGB pins connected to the hub while the PMWs were connected to the Z63 AIO. After turning the system on, the 140 mm fan occupying the number 5 spot (spots were 0-5 on hub) started to smoke from its wires melting. I removed that fan from the hub and everything appears to be fine now. Not sure if the fan was bad or some other problem. The fan that is directly connected to the MOBO is syncing its lighting with other components in AuraSync.... However all the fans connected in the hub are static in lighting and won't sync. I had read that the hub was addressable via MOBO software. Could the fan thats wires started melting have done damage to the 5V RGB header of my MOBO?

Thank you