ASUS DSBF-DE won't turn on and once on, shuts off randomly


Jul 13, 2008
I have a ASUS DSBF-DE motherboard. I switched most of parts already.

Problem 1: From a few min to a few hours, the machine would randomly shut down.

Problem 2: Strangely, once shut down, it's very difficult to turn on again - power comes on, fans are running but not booting. Once in a few tries, it may come up running again but it will shut down randomly of course.

I removed everything that I can think of, replaced power supply too.

I sent back the board and it came back with the same issue.
As usual, the problem will be solved by switching to a good motherboard such as Gigabyte or Intel.
Random parts replacement, as usual is useless.
The reality being that Asus boards have these problems, which are well known.
(specifically defect chipsets)
Spend for a new board, install it, and have a reliable computer.