Question ASUS DSL-N10_C1 Suddenly stopped working and acting strangely

May 21, 2020
Hi, I've got a ASUS DSL-N10_C1 ADSL Router.

It was working flawlessly and without a single problem.

I turned it off then on couple hours latter and it's not working anymore! What I get is only a power light. No ADSL, no Internet and no WiFi.

If I attach a cable the LAN light turns on but it doesn't give me an IP so I can't connect to other PCs or the router's setting page.

I tried resting it, it just won't reset. Documentation states that I have to hold reset button for 5 seconds then device will reboot itself but it wont. Only power light blinks while I hold the reset button.

If I create a Static Ethernet connection with IP of and try to ping the corresponding LAN light starts blinking but I get "Destination Host Unreachable"

If I use nmap to scan for open ports using -Pn option nmap states that:

All 1000 scanned ports on are filtered
1 IP address (1 host up)

So what do you think about it?
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I'd check the power supply--these usually will fail before the devices do. Be sure to check the polarity (+/- pins) as well as the voltage and size of the barrel connector when looking for a test one. They usually use a power supply similar to some other equipment you have around so you can test it that way--just be very careful about that polarity (look at the pictures to make sure they match) as the wrong polarity will zap it for sure.