Asus ENGTX275 Tempretures


Jun 10, 2009
I have recently bought an Asus ENGTX275 Graphics Card. I was wondering about how I should control the fan speed and what are the optimal(and dangerous) temperatures of the card. As you know, there are two options (actually three, but the manual fan control speed does not seem to be a good approach) to control the fan speed:

1- Smart cooling which enables the user to relate fan speed to temperature intervals. To use this approach, we need to know about optimal and dangerous temperatures of the card.

2- Automatic cooling whose exact behavior is not very clear for me! When I use this option, the temperature of the card rises even to 65 and the fan speed still does not go to maximum.

Therefore, I wanted to know more about first and second options and about the temperatures this card works on. Any Suggestions/References would be appreciated.